• The difference types of copywriting styles and their benefits

Main Types of Copywriting Service & Their Benefits

Whether it’s creating your web page content or writing a blog, there are multiple ways a copywriter can help your business convert more visitors into customers and showcase your expertise. Here are some of the [...]

  • Marketing guides: How to attract your ideal customers with client personas

Who Is Your Target Audience? Creating a Client Persona

Many businesses want to attract more customers to buy their products or services, but getting more people to notice you online isn’t the only thing to consider. It’s about attracting the right customers to invest [...]

  • JJ Solutions - Surbiton web design and blogging provider

Should Your Business Start a Blog?

Businesses often get told they need regular content for their site, but this can take on many formats. One of the most commonly adopted strategies is starting a blog, but is this the right option [...]

  • Why do you need a copywriter for your website

Why You NEED a Copywriter

Businesses often grapple with the best ways to engage their customer base and increase online leads, asking for help from professionals such as search engine optimisation experts and web designers. However, when it comes to [...]

  • POsting about your business on social media

What Should You Post on Social Media

We often get asked about what to post on social media and the answer is generally the same each time. Just be yourself. This may sound a little bit vague but when you think about [...]

  • Why does your business need social media?

Why Is Social Media Important For Your Business

So, you have a business and most likely you have a website too.  Great job!  But, now you’re wondering why you’re not getting masses of phone calls and enquiries! What should you do, what can [...]

11 benefits of doing SEO and PPC

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are not mutually exclusive. The aim of both is to bring traffic to your site. And, as part of a well-rounded strategy, it’s perfectly acceptable [...]

The History of SEO

SEO is an evolving science that combines programming, content, and keyword selection. Every second, 40,000 search queries are processed by Google, and 10,000 by Bing. All the major search engines are in competition with each [...]

  • Why does a website need AdWords?

What is AdWords and should I be using it?

AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click advertising service. Companies approach Google to place these ads within search results, and then pay Google (literally, “per click”) every time someone clicks a link in the ad. Google AdWords is [...]

  • A beginners guide to Google Penguin

A Beginner’s Guide to Penguin

Google’s major updates may sound cute and cuddly, but their effects are anything but. Even though the world wide web was still recovering from the bite of Panda, in April 2012, Google rolled out a [...]

  • The importance of responsive web design

The Importance of a Responsive Website

When your customers engage with your company website, where do they do it? In the office, maybe, or while relaxing at home? And how do you know: do you have the data to prove it? [...]

  • Make sure you know your Pandas!

Beginners’ Guide to Panda

Each year, Google undertakes hundreds of updates to its algorithm as it seeks to weed out poor quality content. Despite the efforts of Bing and others, around nine out of every ten European web searches [...]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Content Marketing

Content marketing has come into its own as a companion to search engine optimisation (SEO). Traditional marketing and Public Relations (PR) all play a part in a holistic content marketing strategy, and businesses are ploughing [...]

  • SEO services in Surrey

9 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about pleasing Google. The search giant updates its algorithms regularly, and it’s up to businesses to stay ahead of the game and ensure they’re giving Google all the right [...]

Things to Consider When Starting an Online Store

Many businesses rely solely on an online store to make money. Others use online ecommerce tools to complement their offline sales. Whichever camp you fall into, an online store could be a very profitable way [...]

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

At JJ Solutions, we work with a huge range of varied businesses across the Surrey area. While developing their new website, we come up with an SEO strategy that includes a custom set of actions [...]

  • Small business web design Surrey

Small Business Web Design

JJ Solutions: Leading Experts In Small Business Web Design JJ Solutions is a leading web design agency with over ten years’ experience working specifically with the small business. Website design is something we have lived [...]