Whether it’s creating your web page content or writing a blog, there are multiple ways a copywriter can help your business convert more visitors into customers and showcase your expertise. Here are some of the most popular services you should consider and what they can do for you.

The difference types of copywriting styles and their benefits

Make sure the content for your website matches the type of visitor you expect.

Web Pages

Ensure your website provides visitors with everything they need to persuade them to get in touch. An expert copywriter will understand how to inform and engage readers without overloading them. They’ll know the inside tricks to grab their attention on your home page, write an About Us page which keeps customer needs in mind and develop content which presents the benefits of your services in the right way. Making sure your website works for you and your business is crucial in making it a success.


Blogs are one of the most regular types of content you should schedule for your site, whether that’s monthly or even weekly. The purpose of blogs can be for a multitude of benefits, including enhancing communication with your customers, asserting your authority in your industry, boosting your SEO, improving your social media presence or even talking about changes within your business. When we work on our own blog, the content and language is carefully considered to make sure it reaches a wide audience.

Case Studies & Projects

Businesses often forget about showcasing the work they’ve achieved, and one of the most powerful ways to do this is to ask a copywriter to create case studies of some of the successful projects you’ve undertaken. This will be a piece which talks about the job requirements, how you met the customer’s needs and promote some of the benefits of using your services. Your web team can upload this content to a projects section of your website, accompanied by photographs and customer testimonials. It’s a great way to provide proof to your customers about the types of work you do in their local area and the solutions you can provide for them.

SEO Writing & Landing Pages

A copywriter can work closely with any SEO experts you’re using to write landing pages which will be used to boost your ranking for particular keyword search terms. Perhaps you’re trying to improve your local SEO ranking, for example, and want to create a separate, tailored landing page for locations around your business. A copywriter will ensure each page has similar messages but is uniquely written for maximum SEO power.

Sales Pages & Letters

Need to write a web page or letter to market a specific product or service? Copywriters can help you with this, creating succinct messages to showcase your business in the best light. They’ll use their knowledge and expertise to structure the page in a way to increase conversions with your target audience while including the features and benefits of the product or service your promoting.

What Else?

To put it simply, if you’re struggling with anything which involves writing words which will appear online or in print, a copywriter can help. This may include anything from press releases and your Google My Business description to search ad copy for your PPC campaigns. They may even offer to write your meta titles and descriptions, encouraging more people to click on your website if they do find you on search engines.

Whatever content you need to be written, make your life easy by using a copywriter.

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