So, you have a business and most likely you have a website too.  Great job!  But, now you’re wondering why you’re not getting masses of phone calls and enquiries!
What should you do, what can you do?

Well, first thing to consider is getting some help with your general SEO – not just because this is the most fundamental piece in helping your website gain visibility but it also helps build up a strong platform from which you can start sharing and engaging with potential customers.

Once you have been through the SEO options and are satisfied you’ve done all you can then it’s time to start preparing yourself for social media!

What are the main benefits of using social media?

Get to know your audience

Reach your clients directly through social media

Reach your clients directly through social media

What is more important than knowing your audience, what makes them tick and ultimately what makes then spend their money!
By using social media and making use of regular engagement you can gain fantastic insights into what your customers are talking about and also things they are looking for that you may not already provide.
Are you taking part in one of the busiest marketing platforms of our time with over 500 daily Tweets, 4.5 billion Facebook likes and nearly 100 million Instagram uploads.

It isn’t an easy task by any means as it will take up a lot of your time (of you can outsource it of course) but done correctly it can provide a unique advantage over the competition.  If you want to reach out to a wider audience, or even if you just need to make sure your local clients are aware of you, then social media marketing may just be the perfect method for you.

Keep an eye on your competition

You will know who your main competitors are, quite possibly it is someone very local to you and you have crossed paths before.
You can monitor what your biggest rivals are doing because, well, it’s all out there for everyone to see so why not check them out.

Are they offering special offers or discounts?  Perhaps they have a new service that you hadn’t considered before or they are just promoting their services ‘better’ than you!
There is nothing wrong with emulating what you see, just don’t copy it directly, that is a big no-no!

Improve brand awareness

How many times have you worked with a client who admits they didn’t know about you yet you have been operating for a number of years and are so close to them you could practically be neighbours!

This isn’t necessarily their fault, it’s just that your brand isn’t out there enough and not as easy for them to find.  This is something that good SEO should help with initially but you can enlist social media to help.  Imagine that you have been posting on Facebook for sometime and there is just one post that picks up a lot of attention. This could be just the turning point you were looking for.  Now it is time to take advantage of this and ensure you post a little more frequently and allow your new fame to build up further.

Increase traffic to your website

No matter what anyone tells you, the main aim of social media for your business is to generate interest. Interest generates traffic to your site and hopefully, if done correctly, this additional traffic should result in more enquires and sales.

While you will spend time on your social media campaigns, and you WILL spend time on your campaigns, you will hopefully reach a point where you see an increase in traffic that supports what you are doing and your social media strategy ends up becoming an easier part of your marketing process.

Get your products and service ‘out there’

If you need to reach your audience quickly then social media is a brilliant platform. With people checking their phones so frequently you have the potential of hitting a targeted audience within minutes of your post.
Imagine if you are a restaurant and bookings are low for a Wednesday night, reach out to social media and offer a special deal to your followers.  Or perhaps you have a special event and need to get the message out. Sharing on Facebook or Twitter can see your message reach many more people quickly (and very cheaply)

Ready to start with social media?

Ultimately, you are going to be making use of as many strategies as possible when it comes to promoting your business, many of which you will find provide excellent results. If you would like to know we can help you with your social media campaigns or you are looking for bespoke SEO services then please do get in touch.