Providing marketing support for your business

So you’re decided you have a great business idea and you know that people are going to love it but how do you get them to know about you?  This is often the challenge for many start-up businesses and sadly one of the many factors behind the sad statistic that 4 in 10 small businesses fail in the first 5 years.  Let us help you avoid being part of those unfortunate number.

Getting started with a marketing strategy

There is no magic formula to guaranteeing success for any business but you can look to the competition and see what worked for them and use this information to further develop a marketing strategy.

We look at all factors for your business that can help with the ongoing improvement of your brand and it’s future success.  Using tried and tested methods already in our marketing armoury, such as SEO, and PPC advertising to name just two, we will guide you through the many options and work with you to develop a sensible strategy

Why Develop A Marketing Strategy?

Planning a marketing strategy can help reduce unnecessary spending & manage risk

Identify your target audience and devise a suitable strategy for them

Prepare campaigns based on your location & target customer base

Track & compare campaign strategies using suitable analytics data

Why use JJ Solutions for your marketing campaigns?

By building websites and working very closely with our clients since 2001 we have seen what works, and have also seen what doesn’t work too of course, which has enabled us to easily identify strategies that can be applied to many different business types.  For example, traditional marketing would have consisted of production of flyers and leaflets, a number of adverts in local Yellow Pages (remember them!) and possibly an advert in the local press.

While these options may not be the first thing you think of today, the method is still the same, it’s just the platform is different. For leaflets and flyers, think of SEO and Google AdWords. For Yellow Pages, this is now online directory listings (which includes the likes of!) and for local press, this is now social media and the likes of Facebook.

Our vast experience means that we have more than likely seen or worked on a marketing plan for a business with similar needs to yours so we can apply only the best bits immediately to you, no need to work through the failed options again!

What happens in our marketing plan

We will meet with you and work through your main objectives and short-term and long-term goals and then we will create some key options together and submit for review.  The planning process is treated as an evolving and dynamic phase and is likely to undergo several changes along the way. This is expected as each business will have it’s own unique challenges!

Throughout the life-cycle of the marketing plan we review the success at key points to ensure that all opportunities are being taken correctly.

If you would like to find out more about our marketing services please get in touch today.