Businesses often get told they need regular content for their site, but this can take on many formats. One of the most commonly adopted strategies is starting a blog, but is this the right option for your business?

JJ Solutions - Surbiton web design and blogging providerCommunicate with Your Customers

When you take the time to invest in your website’s design, you ensure the content on your main pages speaks directly to your customers. This information lets them know what they need in order to convert them to paying customers or get in touch. But that’s where it ends. If you want to keep the dialogue open, talking to them about issues in your industry, delving deeper into topics related to your services or letting them know what’s new, a blog provides the ideal platform. You may even find you gain subscribers who want updates from your blog, proving why regular content is so important.

Boost Your SEO

Many businesses put effort into working with search engine optimisation specialists to improve their place in the search rankings for specific keywords. However, they often don’t have the time to produce content which backs up these methods. A blog works in conjunction with your other SEO strategies. It showcases to search engines such as Google that you’re an expert in your niche, and the things you have to say about your industry are relevant for those searching for products and services like yours. You can even link to other pages of your website within your blog post, boosting their SEO power.

Improve Your Online Marketing Strategies

Does your business have social media pages dedicated to them on sites such as Facebook or Twitter? If so, it can hard to find the time to create new posts and keep your online social media presence going. A blog is the ideal solution, giving you something to post about and share with your followers. It’s a great way to raise your brand awareness while promoting your products and services to the masses. You can also gain further insight into your audience, providing you with a better idea about the topics your customers like to read about.

It’s Easy to Start a Blog

Some businesses, especially those with a local customer-base, may decide not to start a blog for simple reasons…they don’t know where to start or feel unsure whether they can commit to the regular content required for their blog to be effective. The best solution is to use the services of a professional copywriter for your blog writing. They’ll get to know your business, research the topics you want to write about and turn your thoughts and ideas into a persuasive or informative post that’s written in a style that engages customers. They can even include a ‘call to action’ to help increase your leads. A good blog writer will work closely with your SEO and web design companies who can post your blogs for you with ease, eliminating the need for you to liaise between them. Just think of them as your specialist website team who work together to continually attract more customers to your business!

Want to start a blog?

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