The content on your site often works alongside your SEO strategies, but it’s not just about driving more traffic to your site. When visitors reach your pages, you want your content to convert them into paying customers who want to invest in your products and services.

Here are just a few ways high quality content increases your conversions.

Content writing guides - how to write content that converts for your siteThe Buyer’s Journey

You may have identified your target audience to engage your ideal customers, but have you thought about what stage of the “buyer’s journey” they’re at? This helps you to provide the information a customer needs to use your services. The buyer’s journey refers to the three stages a person goes through when deciding to purchase a product or find a service they want to use.

  1. Awareness – Realisation that they have a problem which needs solving
  2. Consideration – The search for solutions to that problem
  3. Decision – Understanding the solutions and choosing which one you want


So, if you’re a roofing company, for example, you may be able to target a homeowner experiencing leaks in three different ways. The first would be those who have found a leak in their home and want to know why it’s happening. The second is those who are looking for solutions for how to fix the issue. The third strategy would target those specifically looking for a roofer to help them with the leak.

You may decide that your customers are all at one particular stage and adapt content to them, or that you need content which caters for those in all three stages.

Adapting Your Strategies

You can also use content to build up a greater insight into what persuades visitors to convert into paying customers and what turns them away. Perhaps certain blogs relating to one topic or service attract more customers than others. Or maybe you’re drawing in the most leads to a landing page which is targeting a specific location. SEO specialists can explore some the patterns emerging for your site, and content can be adapted to help capitalise on your strengths and improve weaker areas.

Writing Persuasive Copy

Those who use a professional copywriter have a variety of benefits on offer to them. This includes producing persuasive copy for your target audience. They have extensive knowledge of how to structure marketing messages to take readers on a journey from grabbing their attention to giving them a call to action (i.e. showing them how to purchase your products or get in touch to use your services). Copywriters are also experienced at the type of language to use that will engage your clients, as well as writing in a Google-friendly manner. It’s not easy, but that’s why using expert copywriting services is worth it.

Create Content That Converts

From professional looking images to exciting blogs, informative case studies and web pages which send the right messages to your target customers, the team at JJ Solutions are here to help. We provide high quality SEO, web design and copywriting services in Surrey, London, Kent and surrounding areas, including Bromley, Reigate and Worcester Park.

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