Businesses often grapple with the best ways to engage their customer base and increase online leads, asking for help from professionals such as search engine optimisation experts and web designers. However, when it comes to using an external copywriter to produce their content, some think they can easily take this on themselves. Clients who regularly use specialist copywriting services know just how beneficial they can be.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need a copywriter.

Why do you need a copywriter for your websiteThey Understand Consumers

While you may know your customers and their motivations, copywriters understand exactly how consumers think. This means having a deeper knowledge of the psychology of sales writing, consumer behaviour and persuasive words. They’ll use appropriate language which really talks to your client base and delivers the messages you want to convey. Content should grab their attention, relay the most useful information in an interesting way and also make readers actually want to use your products or services. Copywriters can make even the most tedious of subjects sound more exciting and will write in a Google-friendly way.

Achieve Stress Free Website Design

Are you designing a brand new website or updating your old one? Great designs, easy navigation and clear contact details are all important, but what about the content for the main web pages? A good copywriter will offer the chance to chat or ask questions about your target market, why people use your business and the benefits of your services over competitors. They’ll use this information to showcase your services in the best possible way and can even do so in the style of voice you want. Want to convey a friendly, no-pressure attitude? Done. Need more sales for a particular product? No problem! Whatever the aim of each page, they’ll get your point across.

Save Time & Effort

How often have you tried something yourself, only to find the outcome is not what you expected, took way longer than you thought and you wished you’d just asked a professional to help? Most of our clients love having their content handled by an expert, seeing them as part of their overall team. We’ve seen countless times how a business owner thinks they’ll have time to write a couple of blogs a month, produce regular case studies of work they’re proud of or write all their website pages within a few weeks…it rarely happens. It’s so much easier to schedule a copywriter to complete the work for you, leaving you to do what you do best – run your business. If you also have a good team to run your website, they’ll even sort the uploading and formatting for you.

Update Your Pages with Regular Content

It’s not just your initial website which is important. Search engines such as Google want to know that you’re an active business who has lots of knowledge about the industry you’re in and are a valuable source for customers looking for a service like yours. This is where a copywriting service comes in. From interesting blog pieces about what’s on trend to case studies which provide social proof of customers who have loved your work, it’s important to keep adding regular content to your site and social media pages. Copywriters can also support any SEO you’re undergoing, including AdWords and focused landing pages.

If you think you could benefit from expert copywriting services, get in touch with us today. We can help you with any content writing needs you have.