Are you a small business in Surrey and thinking about investing in web design services? Perhaps your site is starting to look outdated, doesn’t work for what you need or maybe you don’t have one at all. Here are some of the common web design myths we hear which are holding small businesses back from achieving online success.

“I don’t need a website”

Do you think your business is too small for a website or you don’t need one because you’re not selling a product online? This is one of the most common myths we hear. However, the vast majority of consumers go online to look for what they need, even if it’s a small business in their local area. If you don’t have a website, it will make it incredibly difficult to compete with other companies and attract the customers you want. Even if leads often come to you via word of mouth referrals, having a professional website to showcase what you do helps convert potential clients into paying customers. That said, your website is more than just a brochure of your products and services. It improves the customer experience from start to finish.

“It’s too much effort”

Many business owners don’t have time to think about web design, but that’s where bringing an expert on board will help. Choose a local company who works with small businesses like yours (so if you’re based in Epsom, for example, look for Surrey web designers). They’ll deal with everything from putting your branding on the site and making sure it’s responsive to providing insight into what your competitors are doing online. Think of them as an expert member of your small team.

“It costs too much”

Small businesses something fear how much a new website will cost them. While it’s not going to be created for free, it’s more affordable than you think, and your website will hopefully bring you more leads and sales, providing a great return on investment. And if you’re thinking of doing it yourself, while there are lots of great platforms out there, consider the time, effort and expertise (how much do you know about coding?) it takes to make a website look professional.  Often, a website can be more cost-effective than you think. We recently worked with a local small business who had a very limited budget but an incredible vision – Read more about the Priscilla’s Tea Room story.

“I have to write the content myself”

Some business owners would love to get a professional to design their website but worry about having the time to write the content which forms the actual words on each web page. However, good web companies will offer content writing services too, meaning you’ll have an expert copywriter at hand to convey key messages in a style that reflects how you want your target customers to see you.

“I don’t need SEO”

While you may think a new website is all you need to start attracting more of the clients you want, this won’t happen if they can’t find your site. That’s why investing in both web design and search engine optimisation is important. Professional SEO services help drive the right traffic to your website. This includes local SEO which attracts customers in and around your area. If you’re a small business based in Surrey, you may like to focus on keywords relating to local towns and villages, for example.

“I won’t have access to my site anymore”

If you’re used to having control over your content, you may be afraid to get a new website professionally designed for fear of losing access. It can be daunting handing over to someone else but rest assured, when you work with a reputable web design agency, they should give you full access even if they will be processing your content and maintaining your site.

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