Many businesses want to attract more customers to buy their products or services, but getting more people to notice you online isn’t the only thing to consider. It’s about attracting the right customers to invest in your business. Your strategies for everything from your SEO and web design to your content should be tailored towards your target audience.

Why Is a Target Audience Important?

When deciding on who your target customers are, you should think about your business aims. Is the objective purely to get more paying customers through the door or would you like to steer your business is a particular direction? For example, perhaps you currently attract a lot of business for a specific service. Whereas some may decide to focus heavily on this area and become more niche, some may feel other areas of their business are more profitable and would like to start encouraging customers to use that service more.   This is the ideal time to start thinking how you want to communicate with your audience, is that direct content on your website, such as blogging or through off-site channels such as PPC marketing, social media

Defining your target audience is also important for attracting the customers you want to be dealing with. For many smaller businesses, the relationships they build with clients are incredibly important. Your target audience could also be customers who add value to your business in non-financial ways such as respecting your expertise and time. Or perhaps you would like clients that will help take you forward as a business.

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Marketing guides: How to attract your ideal customers with client personas

How to Create Your Client Persona

Creating a ‘client persona’ is a great way of focusing your business strategies so that you can develop them with this ‘person’ in mind, and you can create several personas if required. The idea is to define a fictional representation of your ideal customers. Here are some questions to ask yourself to start building up a bigger picture.

  • Who does your existing customer base comprise of – what value do they add to your business?
  • What types of business relationship will help you move in the direction you want to go? Who would be the ‘best fit’?
  • What are the qualities of your ideal customers?
  • What makes both yourself and your customer happy for a good business relationship?
  • What expectations do you want your customers or clients to have?
  • Why would this type of person want to use your business? What drives them?
  • What could be turning this client away from your business?
  • Where is this customer based online? i.e. a particular social media platform or are they actively searching for businesses like yours?
  • What do you need to do to start attracting this type of customer?

You should even break down their persona into demographics, background, goals, challenges, interests and the solutions they’re looking for. You should have a clear profile of who they are.

Attracting Your Client Persona

Once you’ve established a clear target audience, you can start positioning your business to attract this type of customer. It will help to focus your web design, copywriting, blogs, social media posts and pretty much every aspect of your strategies and marketing campaigns to reach the right audiences. You can also ask SEO experts to help you plan the best ways to get noticed by your target audience while providing you with analysis about your prospective customers, including services they’re interested in and how they behave online.

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