When you build your first website, many business owners think that’s the final step, failing to update it as their services evolve over time. Although your website may have met your needs when it first launched, it should keep up with changing demands, or you may find it no longer works for you or helps you reach your company goals. Here’s some advice to think about.

Website design guides - ensure your website helps you meet business goalsDoes Your Website Match Your Company Goals?

The purpose of most websites is to showcase what your business offers and turn visitors and leads into paying customers. However, it should also align with both your short and long-term business goals.

For example, if you want to expand your coverage and gain more work from surrounding areas, does your website help bring in leads from those locations? Work closely with your website and SEO team to ensure your content is targeting the right customers. They may recommend adding more content written for customers in specific local areas.

Does Your Site Bring in New Leads?

If you’re not receiving any queries through your website, and this is one of your aims, you’re missing out on the huge potential of securing new leads online. Companies offering both web design and SEO services can assess why this is happening and recommend the best solutions to help change this.

This could include expanding the number of web pages you have. For example, if you plan to run Google AdWords campaigns, it’s much better to have dedicated pages for each individual service you provide, increasing their quality score and helping customers to find what they need more easily.

Keep Up with Changing Business Needs

With the covid-19 crisis causing upheaval in the business world, many companies have been forced to think about how they can generate more revenue from online income streams. This has highlighted the importance of having an adaptive website that’s flexible to changes and growing needs, including e-commerce capabilities to help your business sell online.

If you’re stuck with an old design, you may want to think about a total overhaul to protect your business better for the future.

Are You Outshining Competitors?

If your competitors are adding fresh content and ensuring their website keeps up with ever-changing customer demands, you could be losing business to them. Always keep an eye on what others in your industry are doing to make sure you don’t get left behind.

Something as simple as showcasing your high-quality work with an image gallery and case studies or providing useful advice via a blog can help build more trust with prospective clients, giving them a reason to choose your services over others.

Does your website need an overhaul?

Get in touch with JJ Solutions. We’re professional website designers, offering expert services such as search engine optimisation, e-commerce solutions and copywriting. If you’d like a no-obligation chat about how you think your website no longer works for your business needs, contact us today.