Do you have good images to use on your site? Building a professional website is a delicate recipe – forget just one ingredient, and it shows. Besides persuasive language, regular content and easy-to-use navigation, adding high-quality images to your website is essential. Here’s why.

Make the Right Impression

Visitors often decide within seconds whether to stay on a website, purely down to how it looks. The more polished your site appears, the more trust a potential client or customer will have in your business, and the images you use will contribute towards the overall impression they have. Using visual elements alongside your wording is a great way to get messages across fast in a professional manner.

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A bad photograph or image can have just as much of an impact as a good one, but not always for the right reasons. Any pictures chosen should convey the right message, so poor quality photographs could come across as unprofessional, especially if used to show what products look like. Think about how you want your business to come across to potential customers looking for a company like yours. Anything you post on your website should also project this image, whether it’s a highly professional service or something more personal and friendly.

Showcase Your Products & Services

Think about how relevant the images you use are. For example, if you offer a food product or services, then any photos should showcase what you do and the outcomes clients can expect from choosing your business. A picture can often convey a message quicker than words. For example, if you land on a catering website without any images vs another where the first thing visitors see are tantalising photos of melt in the mouth dishes, which site do you think will entice people to stay and find out more?

Where to Post Images on Your Website

There are lots of different places you can post images, from your home page and services to blog posts. You may like to use professional photographs for this, working out cheaper if you hire a web designer who will have access to stock photos. You should consider real-life photographs (but still high in quality) for your gallery, case studies and ‘meet the team’ sections.

Use all the tools available to you to create a website which attracts more leads and customers.

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