Many businesses understand that creating more relevant content (such as business tips and guides) for their customers can boost their online presence. However, we all know how busy running a company is, so finding the time to produce your own blog posts often gets put to the bottom of the pile.

If you’re putting off writing content you know would enhance your website, here are some myths we’d like to dispel about the process.

Blog writing guides - dispelling the myths about writing your own blog“There aren’t enough subjects to write about.”

Got writer’s block? This is one of most common issues for why business owners don’t produce enough blog content for their website, but there are actually lots of different areas to cover. This can include writing about:

  • your company, products and services
  • what’s happening in your industry (e.g. the latest trends and developments)
  • the UK based sector
  • general economic subjects

Think about the types of queries you get from clients and what they want to know more about. The advice you give is the same as writing a blog post – it’s just that it’s in a readable, structured format.

“I can’t cover the same subject again.”

You can even repurpose blog information from different angles to help users with differing issues. For example, a blog about ‘reasons to replace your windows’ could be rewritten about ‘what to do about draughty windows’ or ‘top tips when upgrading your windows’. Don’t feel afraid to cover similar subjects over time, as long as the post is rewritten using another slant.

“It takes too long to write blog posts.”

Blog posts should usually be between 500 to 700 words, so you’ll only need one to two pages of content to create the piece. When you start writing, conversational language is key, so don’t feel afraid to use the words and language you would use when speaking to a client (as long as it’s professional and not jargon-heavy). This will help you get into the flow of writing easier as the different ideas land on the page.

Before you start, come up with a few different areas to talk about during the piece. If you’re struggling to find the time still, speak to your web company about their copywriting services. You can always jot down a few bullet point ideas for the content, and an expert blog writer can develop the copy required.

“I can just copy content from another site.”

Unfortunately, this happens more often than you would think – with many business owners thinking they can just repost content from another website. However, this isn’t a smart move, as you could land yourself in hot water if you’re passing somebody else’s work as your own, and it could even result in damaging your Google rankings.

Search engines reward original content that’s relevant to the types of subjects your customers are searching for or reading about online. For more information, read our blog on Why You Should Never Copy Content from Another Website.

Make a list of some titles and ideas, and get writing!

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