If you need a new website, one of the first steps is to think about its purpose and the navigation you want for the site. This means choosing which web pages you want to showcase and promote your company, products or services. Whatever you decide, every site will start with the main home page. This is arguably its most important page, creating the first impression of your business. It’s a place where visitors decide whether to stay and find out more or to look for another company to help them.

But what is the purpose of your website’s home page?

Deliver ‘To The Point’ Messages

A good website will have dedicated pages for areas such as your core values and company history (About Us), specialist services or products you offer and even address common questions your customers always want to know (FAQs). However, your home page is going to introduce your business. This area of your site provides more of an overview, summarising what you offer and benefits of working with you. That’s why it needs to include ‘to the point’, succinct messages about who you are and what you do, letting visitors know they’ve found a company who may be able to help with them with what they’re looking for.

Web design & copywriting guides: What's the purpose of your home page?Attract Your Target Audience

Your home page is the first place many people will see when accessing your website, so it’s important it grabs the attention of the right type of customer. You need to attract those who will actually want to use your business, i.e. those looking for products and services like those you offer. This means appealing to your target clients both visually and through the words and content provided. Your home page should leave potential customers feeling like they’ve finally found a company who can help them with their specific needs.

Guide Visitors to the Correct Part of Your Site

Picture this. A visitor finds your website, reads your home page, decides you may be able to help them…and then doesn’t know where to go next. Online users need to find what they’re looking for easily, so it’s vital your home page leads them further into your site. This could be something as simple as prompting them to get in touch, but if you have specialist areas on your website, you should guide them to find out more in these sections too. While a good website will have clear, easy to navigate menus, your home page can also provide clickable links to help visitors reach the correct part of the site they need.

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