Your website is a place to showcase the benefits of using your business, attracting clients who are looking for products or services like yours. However, it can be tempting to minimise costs and use a website builder or content management system to create a website yourself. However, there are some really good reasons you should be using a professional web designer.

Professional web design guides - why hire an expert over DIY sites?Build Flexible, Scalable Websites

If you need a website, knowing where to start is difficult. Businesses often choose a theme or template based on the way it looks without consideration for whether it works for them. A professional web design company will build a site that’s ideal for your needs, including its visual appeal, layout and the practical elements you want to include. They will ensure the web design is flexible and scalable, which means it can grow as you do, and you won’t be locked into one place so that content can be easily transferred in the future.

Get a Responsive Web Design

Did you know more consumers than ever are shopping through their devices? Therefore, it’s vital your website doesn’t just work on a computer screen. An expert web designer will ensure your site is highly responsive, which means it adapts to the screen it’s viewed on, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Attract Your Ideal Customers

Experienced web design companies don’t just choose a template for you at random. They understand more about the psychology of web design and how to entice customers, working with you to establish who your target clients are (i.e. those you want to attract). The way your site looks and functions can be tailored around your ideal customers, and your web designer may recommend features to help achieve higher conversions.

You could even combine web design with services for search engine optimisation (SEO), driving more of the right traffic to your website through search engine results pages. There are plenty of ways your pages can be optimised for this. You may also require the help of an expert copywriter to create the content for your webpages.

Create an Online Strategy

Having a website doesn’t just stop at launch. After taking the time to design a website, do you understand the maintenance required or how to keep on top of customer demands and business growth? If not, get a professional web designer on board to help you create the perfect long-term online strategy which aligns with your business goals.

Save Time

We all know how much time it consumes to run a business, and web design is something which can take hours to get right. Yes, you may have found an online tutorial, but do you understand how to make that change you need to the background colour, adjust where the text sits, get high-quality images or sort out slow load speeds? Before you know it, you’re knee deep in coding and plugins. You may even find yourself scratching your head as to why your website keeps crashing or it just doesn’t have that quality feel you want. Getting expert help makes sure you get things right from day one, leaving you to run your business.

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