Creating a website isn’t just about the way it looks and functions, but the impression visitors form of your company when they read the content on your web pages. It’s important the tone of voice helps to deliver the messages you want about your products and services, engages the right people (i.e. the customers you want to attract) and gives a sense of what you’re like to work with. Here are some top tips to follow.

How Do You Want to Come Across?

There are certain things most businesses will say when it comes to how they’d like to be viewed by their customers. We often hear buzzwords such as ‘high quality’ and ‘professional’, but the tone of voice used on your website can also offer potential customers a crystal ball of what they can expect. For example, if you provide a bespoke service which hinges on the experience clients receive when working closely with you as an individual, does your content sound too corporate and impersonal? If you want customers to know they’ll have a fun experience when using your services, does this come across in the text? Users should get a good sense of what your company and brand stands for just from the tone of voice.

Does Your Content Speak to Your Target Customers?

When deciding on the right tone of voice for your web pages, it’s essential to put your target customers first. What type of company will they be looking for? For example, If you’re trying to attract other highly professional businesses as new clients, is your content coming across too informal and quirky? It’s important your site doesn’t give visitors the wrong impression.

Ensure the tone speaks to the needs of your customers. For example, when a bride is looking for a hairstylist, she may line up several websites specialising in the style of wedding hair she likes. However, if the site has a tone of voice which makes her feel she’ll be listened to, made to feel special by a friendly stylist and puts her at ease just from reading the content, she’ll be more likely to get in touch.

Using a Professional Copywriter

It can be really difficult to write in your own voice, let alone in one which you feel speaks directly to those customers you’re trying to engage. That’s where a professional copywriter can help you. A good writer will ask you about the way you want to come across in your content, but it’s also important you go into discussions with some ideas in mind. You can even provide examples of websites which have a tone of voice you love, even if they’re not related to your industry. Or if you’re refreshing your existing web design, let them know if don’t think you’re coming across in the way you would like to. This will help you communicate better as to what you’re hoping to achieve through your content.

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