Team Verrico – Charity website supporting those dealing with cancer

JJ Solutions were approached by a close friend to help out with the Team Verrico website which was no longer providing an adequate platform for them to help their visitors.  The journey of Team Verrico started due to sad personal circumstances for their founder and it was a privilege to have been given an opportunity to help them.

From early discussions it was clear that a lot of support was needed and here at JJ Solutions we took this on and provided not only additional advice and consultancy we also created the website as part of our continued support for the charity itself.  This was greatly received but we were keen to continue a formal working relationship throughout and worked to planned deadlines to get the website rebuild finalised in time to allow for the website to take online sales for their annual charity ball.

We continue to support the charity and offer a range of consultancy services for them whenever they need it.

Team Verrico website team
Team Verrico cancer charity website built by JJ Solutions using WordPress
Who built the Team Verrico website - JJ Solutions