Mowtivated – Garden designers, landscapers and garden architects

Mowtivated have been providing excellent garden landscaping and design services for a number of years. They had seen their customer base grow and the range of their clients become more refined.  As a result, the website and overall brand awareness needed to be reviewed as it didn’t quite reflect the high quality nature of their dedication to their work.

Working very closely with their lead marketing strategist, we began a thorough and concise review of their audience and market position to build up a new viewpoint for their online presence.

Continuing with the preference of using WordPress as the core framework, we set about creating a lifestyle-based site to provide a more gentle environment for their visitors.

With greater emphasis on the imagery within the site, the flow of content has been designed to encourage stronger interaction with dedicated call to action prompts, particularly for phone users.

The result
Shortly after the site was relaunched, we were informed that as a result, the number of enquiries and contracts had greatly increased and with that, they were looking at recruiting more staff to cope with the increase in demand so the website rebuild has been a great success all round.