Earth Anchors – Commercial outdoor furniture supplier

We have been supporting Earth Anchors for several years, firstly with their original site which was built using a legacy system and then, when they migrated to their own website, which they maintained themselves.

They realised however, that their own site had several limitations and was disrupting the success of their orders and marketing tracking, so, they reached out to us to work on a redesign and build whilst ensuring they still had full editorial access to the site contents.

We started from the ground up on this project and spent a lot of pre-build time working out the best strategies for the site construction, with particular attention given to the complex nature in how the products can be purchased. Unlike a standard ecommerce website, the Earth Anchors product offering is quite in-depth and offers the customer a wide range of options and customisation steps.

It soon became apparent that the standard WooCommerce functionality would not be suitable for the requirements so we began introducting a suite of plugins to help guide the client to their goals.

The result
The team at Earth Anchors were extremely pleased with their new site and especially so when their first order came through within an hour of the site going live.

We continue to support the site, both with ongoing updates and consultancy, as well as Google AdWords support.