While your website is one of the first places potential customers look for information about your services, many will also search for reviews from others who have hired you before.

If you’re a trade business, you’ve probably set up profiles on websites such as checkatrade.com or trustatrader.com. This gives you further opportunities to outline the services you offer, as well as hitting some of the local SEO areas you’re targeting. But is your profile doing it all it can to sell your business? Here are a few tips and tricks to making the most of this type of platform.

Is your Checkatrade profile letting you down? Make sure your page says the right things about you. Promote your services. Use a local SEO expert to get more business. Incorporate scores into your web design. Get expert tips.Why Should You Improve Your Checkatrade Company Profile?

Many businesses make the mistake of using sites like Checkatrade purely to get their clients to write reviews. However, customers will also use your profile to check out more information about your services too. You’ll only have a certain amount of characters to use on each platform (which usually includes spaces), so it’s important to remain concise and achieve the right blend of showcasing the services on offer and benefits of hiring you. It’s a condensed version of the information on your company website.

Make Sure Your Profile Stands Out

Sites like Checkatrade will often advise about the types of thing you should include on your profile, suggesting questions you can answer. While this information can be useful, it could also lead to many builders, roofers, carpenters, plumbers and other trades having very similar sounding profiles. Don’t be afraid to push some of the benefits you think you offer over others, as well as promoting the vast range of services you provide.

Don’t Miss Out Sections

Make sure you fill out every part of your profile and use all the space provided where relevant. Many people fill out their company overview, but then forget key sections like giving multiple contact details (including a link to your website), locations you work in and breaking down the different things you offer under Skills and Expertise. Each part of your profile is as important as the next, giving multiple opportunities to attract that client who is deciding between trades.

Get Reviews

A good profile will be supported by excellent scores in the reviews section, so make sure you encourage your customers to leave feedback. This can provide social proof for potential clients that others have been happy with your work, with the scores covering everything from reliability and courtesy to tidiness and workmanship. Had some great feedback by email? Ask them to add it to your profile!

Work with a Local SEO Expert

If you want to make your Checkatrade profile work for you and attract customers, ask an SEO expert to help you become more visible to those searching for services in your local area. They may even suggest incorporating a good Checkatrade score as part of your website design or working with a copywriter to improve some of the content on your profile to entice more customers.

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