Case studies are a content tool often underused by businesses, who don’t realise they’re one of the easiest ways to showcase your work and success. So why should you make an effort to ensure your completed projects are a key part of your website? Here’s how they can attract more customers.

Build Trust

Many businesses, particularly those who offer a service, get asked ‘who have you worked for recently?’ by potential clients, so wouldn’t it be great if you had an area of your website which you could use to sell yourself more and build trust? Each case study should detail the job you did, the results, and if you have a testimonial you can add in, then it’s further proof you’re providing a reliable service. Images should also be displayed if you have them.

Highlight the Ease of Your Processes

One factor that can deter potential clients from becoming paying customers is that they can’t imagine how the process works, so case studies are a great way of showing your services in action. They can even include the types of challenges faced in each job and how you overcame them, as well as highlighting the normal process clients can expect. Removing the air of mystery surrounding how services work is helpful for customers.

Why are case studies so importantShowcase Your Success

Case studies can even showcase some of the success you’ve had, particularly if working on well-known projects or with respected clients in the industry. You could also highlight the different features of your products or benefits of working with your team, such as experience on large-scale projects or offering a particular service. Claiming you’re an industry expert is a lot easier when you have actual examples to back you up.

Improve Your SEO

As well as being a useful tool to attract customers, your case studies can tie into your SEO strategies, especially if you’re creating the pieces to help increase your ranking for specific locations you’ve worked in. The SEO consultant you’re working alongside may even suggest using them to improve your landing pages for each target area. If you don’t currently have any case studies, ask your SEO company what they’d recommend.

Give Free, Useful Advice Based on Real Examples

Quality site content highlights your expertise in the industry, including helpful blogs which cover a wide variety of topic areas. However, your case studies can also confirm this, letting others know how your services helped clients overcome issues. Therefore, if someone came to you and said ‘What would you do for this?’, you could even show them how you helped another customer in the same situation as them. By using real-life examples, it’s easier for clients to relate and see how they can get the results or outcomes they want from using your services. For any readers of your case studies, you may even build up a better brand loyalty if you help them solve problems.

Getting Started

If you don’t have the time to produce case studies or need some expert help to write them, JJ Solutions can help. We offer a wide range of services, from expert copywriting and SEO to website design. To find out more, call now on 020 3871 8773.