Specialist web designers Earlswood

We create striking and effective new websites in Earlswood, Salford, or nearby areas

JJ Solutions specialises in crafting visually striking, practical, and purposeful websites that not only showcase your business online but also contribute to winning more customers. Our company – headed up by James and Jason - invests time in understanding your business and customers, allowing us to meticulously tailor your web design for effective communication with your target audience.

Web design Earlswood

Our websites are visually creative and engaging and designed for user-friendly navigation. Once your site has been built, we can empower you by offering one-to-one training, ensuring you have the support needed to take full control of managing your content. Our team can also provide SEO services to reach more potential customers online.

Whether you are starting from scratch and need services like logo design, hosting, and SEO or looking to refresh an existing website, we can complete the work. As your business grows, we are equipped to seamlessly add new features and functionality to enhance your online presence.

We are proud of our reputation for being the go-to web design agency in the local area. We have over 20 years of experience and come highly recommended.

One recent client said:

I'm over the moon with my new website Jason has built for my company! Jason was very easy to talk to and was able to explain everything involved with building a website. I provided him with my ideas and he made it all come to life! I'm not really tech savvy, so knowing he's there for aftercare support too is amazing.

We can provide a free consultation to discuss your current website or ideas for a new website. Please call now on 020 3871 8773.

Recently Completed Projects

Fully responsive and optimised websites designed in Salford

Whether it is a redesign, a quick facelift, or the creation of a brand new website site, we excel at ensuring our clients stand out in a busy online marketplace. Our diverse clientele includes accountants, landscapers, stylists, double-glazing companies, construction specialists and growing start-ups.

Every website we construct is mobile-ready, boasting full responsiveness that scales beautifully to provide the optimal user experience. We do not stop at websites; we also can help with a range of SEO services and other marketing support.

Fantastic UX

At the core of our approach is a commitment to prioritising the user experience (UX). By emphasising superior website architecture, seamless navigation, and an unwavering focus on UX design, we go the extra mile to ensure that our websites meet and consistently exceed expectations.


Our websites utilise simple Content Management Systems (CMS) that empower you to swiftly update your website content and oversee user management, providing the means to take charge and minimise the expenses associated with maintaining your online marketing efforts.

Optimised for all devices

Our commitment extends to ensuring that your website performs seamlessly on any device and captivates your visitors through responsive layouts and rapid load times. By employing cutting-edge design principles, we guarantee that your website adapts effortlessly to various screen sizes, delivering an optimal user experience.

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WordPress web designers in Earlswood, RH1

Crafting an effective WordPress web design requires expertise, so it is best entrusted to professionals.

Whether you seek a completely new WordPress development or assistance in enhancing and updating your current site, we bring passion and experience to tailor precisely what you need, ultimately transforming your online outcomes.

We have assisted numerous clients in the web design and development of their WordPress websites. Our expertise spans diverse sectors, including e-commerce, established businesses, and start-ups, ensuring that our services cater to a wide range of needs. We can create a WordPress design that meets your objectives and appeals to users.

Please see the case study for a bespoke web build for Cycle Power, a family-run cycle shop.

Please see our blog on building websites for the trade industry.

Vicki Herrington
Excellent service from start to finish. Jason was really helpful and patient in helping me achieve my website.
We approached Jason to build us a new custom website for our online shop, nearly 20 years after he built our first ever website. He did a brilliant job of guiding us through the development process, advising on styles, making it user friendly and how best to get the SEO up. He provided us with the necessary training to be able to add or modify products and make landing pages. Jason was always easily reachable via email to answer any questions I had. His ongoing help is allowing us to reach our full potential and grow our business.
Paul Tippell
When selecting a Company to develop our website it was important for us to find an organisation with a high level of technical expertise as well as an ability to generate excellent web graphics. We needed a company that could effectively deal with programmatic integration to MailChimp and other third-party sites as well as the ability to debug and resolve any real-time issues with the website.After a fairly extensive review of the market, we were lucky to find JJ Solutions where the team could meet both these requirements at a competitive price.JJ have an excellent designer who is able to take our marketing requirements and translate these into an extremely effective web showcase. We have found JJ Solutions to be very responsive to requests for amendments to design and technical changes to the website with very fast ‘turn-round’ times.Paul Tippell MTech, Director, CA Object Technology Limited
I would 100% recommend to anyone starting a new business. Their honest approach and sound advice has made so much of a difference to my website and SEO. I now feel much more confident about making changes and that my business will grow knowing they are with me. Thanks!

Web Design Earlswood FAQs

Do you provide website maintenance and support services?

Yes, we do provide on-going web support, web maintenance, and web development services. We build our sites on WordPress which has a powerful content management system. W can train you to use this, so you can edit and add pages at your convenience.

How much do you web design services cost?

Our prices vary depending on your requirements. We aim to offer the most competitive prices in the market. Please get in touch for a free no-obligation consultation and quote.

Do you work with different platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Joomla and Drupal?

Yes, we work with all platforms to design sites that are tailored around your requirements and that offer the best results for your business.

Web content & copywriting Earlswood

As part of the JJ Solutions team, we work closely with a team of highly skilled copywriters. Choosing the right words for your website is crucial and essential to promoting your business online. We can help you tell the right stories online.

Georgina and Kathryn craft compelling and engaging web content, blogs, social media content, Apps, SEO landing pages, emails, product descriptions, brochures, and more. As well as being wordsmiths with over two decades of experience writing all types of copy, including bestselling books, our copywriters have a deep understanding of search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketing, and user experience.

Compelling copywriting enhances the specific audience flow to your website through search engines such as Google. Collaborating with a website copywriter well-versed in SEO can boost your organic online traffic. Our experienced copywriters are adept at utilising optimal concepts, techniques, and methods for SEO, applying them strategically to website content.

Our copywriters will always create content that encourages users to act, such as buying a product or picking up the phone to request a quote for a specific service. Please see our blog: Main types of copywriting services and their businesses.

Before we begin writing, we will spend time getting to know you to understand your tone, business aims, and preferences. Communicating authentically is the most straightforward way to establish a connection between people and your brand. As the authority on your business, you understand its key strengths and what distinguishes it from competitors. However, achieving cohesion on your website demands precise and effective language.

Our writers have written for dozens of industries, including start-ups, electricians, plumbers, osteopaths, builders, roofers, arborists, accountants, cleaners, executive car companies, landscapers, Chartered Surveyors, drainage specialists, windows and door companies, and others.

Achieving success online and drawing in high-quality sales requires compelling web content. While a well-designed website enhances your brand's tone and voice, the website copy functions as your virtual salesperson.

WooCommerce & e-Commerce web designers Earlswood

Hire our local WooCommerce designers today. As WordPress specialists, the obvious preference for an e-commerce website is the powerful WooCommerce plugin.

Whether you are already engaged in online selling or planning to start an online shop, a website powered by WooCommerce serves as an ideal platform. Loaded with enterprise-level functionalities from the outset, a WooCommerce website provides a robust foundation for establishing your e-commerce presence.

E-commerce web development extends beyond mere website theme and layout considerations. At JJ Solutions, we tailor WooCommerce to become the e-commerce platform that suits your website, ensuring it aligns with your specific needs rather than forcing you into a predefined structure.

Our approach involves elevating your online store with customised functionality and a responsive theme crafted to meet your unique requirements.

Acquire tailored eCommerce shopping solutions and begin selling your products or services in the UK or globally.

A site that grows with your business

Maximise the potential of your website by incorporating a variety of plugins. WooCommerce provides a diverse selection of plugins designed to add extra functionalities to your site. James and Jason will assist you in selecting the most suitable plugins to align with your eCommerce objectives.

These include product management, category management, stock management, credit card payments, tax payment automation, secure checkouts, newsletter integration, and more.

Talk to us and book a consultation about getting your WooCommerce site built today.

Enjoy complete autonomy over your shop, enabling updates as needed and benefit from in-built optimisation to enhance search engine rankings.

  • Custom-designed eCommerce store
  • Product or service sales
  • Utilise Shopify or WooCommerce CMS
  • Mobile-friendly web design
  • Ongoing technical support
  • SEO and online marketing strategies
  • Sustainable online growth strategies