Once you’ve created a professional website, it would be easy to think that’s all you need to do for customers to find you at the top of Google. Many factors influence the position of your web pages, but it’s going to take more than mentioning a phrase once to push your site to the number one spot for your target keywords. Here a few things to consider if aiming to improve your ranking.

Why Is SEO Important?

Simply having a website is not enough to expect any kind of success in the rankings. Yes, your website’s design, ease of navigation and the content you provide is going to help convert visitors to customers, but you’ll need to invest in SEO to bring high quality leads to your website in the first place. SEO (or search engine optimisation) is the group of services you can access to drive more of the right type of traffic to your website, i.e. potential customers looking for products or services like those you offer.  We recently took over the running and optimisation of a commercial waste business in Mitcham, we ran a thorough review of their existing marketing strategy and provided a brand new SEO program that has already begun delivering great success. See more about the Maguire project here.

The Secret Recipe for SEO Success

To help you visualise why SEO is the key to success, compare the process to baking a cake. There are staple ingredients required to create a basic one, but you need to add more ingredients if you want to make your cake rise better than others! This is the same for your Google ranking. You start with the essential formula of a website, meta tags and good content as your base, but adding in factors such as backlinks, AdWords campaigns, blogging and social media presence is going to push your site above your competitors. This is where hiring an SEO expert truly counts because they understand which ingredients are going to have a positive impact on your position, i.e. the things which will help Google bots know your site offers the most relevant, useful information for your target customers.

Don’t Lose Your Position on Google

While good SEO will improve your position on Google, it’s not a sprint to the finish, and once you reach the number one spot, you can’t hold the position forever without some work. Your competitors are going to be continually refining their SEO tactics to get ahead, so it’s important you do the same. Otherwise, your website is going to start slipping down the rankings again. SEO is a continuous process rather than a one-time service. The best SEO strategies will be flexible to adapt to Google’s ever-changing search algorithms, keep up to date with your target customers’ search habits (including keywords they’re using) and continually test and refine what’s working in your campaigns. You’ll also need to produce valuable content for your customers, establishing yourself with Google as an authority in your sector.

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