Are you considering either SEO or a new website?

The secrets of selling online include a variety of methods that work together to attract the type of customers most likely to invest in your products or services.

While some businesses decide to heavily invest in one part of their online presence, such as search engine optimisation (SEO) or a new design for their website, it’s important to understand how these services can go hand in hand to produce better results.

Here’s some food for thought about ensuring your business is as profitable as possible.

SEO Helps with Traffic & Ranking

While you may decide to invest in a brand new web design that your target customers are going to love, this won’t be enough to get online traffic through the door. SEO aims to increase the number of people who find your business by pushing your site up the rankings in search engines such as Google.

This involves expert techniques, whether you’d like to target keyword phrases relevant to your business (and you have a chance of competing for) or attract customers from your local area.

Therefore, when you create a new website, combining this with SEO services will have a greater impact on sales.

Web Design Improves the User Experience

After investing in SEO, the last thing you want is for potential clients to be put off when they a) see what your site looks like or b) can’t work out what they should do next.

In fact, if you have too many users who click on your site but leave quickly without engaging further, it could harm your SEO scores. A high bounce rate tells Google that your website isn’t a place where users found what they were looking for. This could cause your website to slip down the rankings, reducing the chances of consumers finding your company online.

As well as creating a good impression when users find your business, a beautiful web design should also guide visitors the minute they land on any of your pages. This highlights the fact you don’t just need to get more visitors to your site – you must keep them interested too.

Increase Your Conversions & Sales

The best way to ensure the right people find your website and become paying customers is to invest in SEO and web design.

By adopting both, you can make sure that you’re attracting your ideal customers, they want to use your services when they find your website, and there’s a clear process to help them engage with your business.

It’s also much easier to implement SEO across your site if you choose professional web services with a company who can offer you both. It means that any SEO which needs to be included in the web design is faster to implement on an ongoing basis, tying all strategies together.

Looking for an all in one web service?

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